There are many reasons to love living in a gated community, but a few of the most popular are the exclusivity, higher property values, community perks, increased security, and reduced traffic. Let’s explore these advantages to see if living in a gated community is right for you.

#1 Gated Communities Raise Property Value

Gated communities have a tendency to attract homes built to a higher standard. Whether it’s defined in building codes by an HOA or inspired by the prestige of the community itself, homes within a gated community are generally of higher value. 

Community-maintained spaces like the entrance landscaping and utilities increase curb appeal and value for the entire neighborhood. Many gated communities also tend to be designed to remain low density. A greater demand for fewer, well-spaced lots, drives up property values for homes within the community. These factors may increase the price to buy into a gated community, but also ensure the home will become more valuable over time. 

#2 Gated Communities Provide Security

Perhaps the most important reason gated communities are popular is the added security. A simple gate restricts incoming traffic to residents and their guests, and offers you peace of mind for the safety of your home. This means not just anyone will be driving around in your neighborhood, and you can feel confident leaving your home when you travel, knowing it will be well maintained and protected while you’re away. 

In addition to blocking solicitors, gated neighborhoods prevent nosy passersby or tourists from entering the community — protecting your privacy. Residents control access to the community, which means you’ll get a sense for your neighbors’ cars and faces, and be able to easily recognize if someone unknown passes the gate.

#3 Gated Communities Reduce Traffic

Because gated communities are typically low density neighborhoods and reserve space for residents, they also have reduced traffic. Simple pleasures, like going for a walk in your community, will be even more enjoyable when you’re completely undisturbed by traffic noise. 

The gate deters most traffic, and any neighbors and guests coming into the neighborhood must stop before entering. This gives them a chance to adjust their speed for residential streets, reducing noise and risk of an accident.

#4 Gated Communities Maintain Standards

When you live in a gated community, you subscribe to the lifestyle it offers and enjoy the many perks of being a member. Aesthetic perks, like entrance landscaping, road maintenance, and beautiful views, enhance your quality of life in the community. Other benefits, such as utility connections to electricity and water, vineyard access, community areas, or groomed trails and open space can increase your property value. 

When you join a gated community, you get more than just a place to live — you get all the added bonuses that make up the look and feel of the community — and you can trust that they will be maintained. Gated communities reach high standards of curb appeal and convenience for their residents, offering them exclusivity, security, privacy, and value — and a commitment to quality you won’t find anywhere else.

#5 Gated Communities Offer Privacy

A gated community elevates the experience of residential living and separates itself from the crowd. Gated communities can encourage connections between neighbors and foster an inclusive atmosphere. Residents can enjoy seclusion and privacy, but won’t feel isolated from their community.

If you’re looking for the chance to experience something more than traditional neighborhood living, a gated community can offer privacy, security, and a touch of luxury to your lifestyle.

Now that you’ve had a glimpse at what life in a gated community has to offer, you might be ready to take the next step: finding the right community for you.

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